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BSG Finale: Cavil Orders Pizza

Posted by gregchiaramonti on March 24, 2009

BSG Finale: Cavil Orders Pizza

Well, it’s finally over. Somewhat. Still another two-hour special, and then a new prequel series about some fembots or something. I thought the big finale, “Daybreak 1 & 2” was pretty cool. It definitely tied up things on an emotional level, and the action was great. The (spoilerz here, yo) Galactica ramming the Cylon Colony/Retirement Home for Active Classic Centurions was pretty awesome. Very Star Blazers-ish. And then Cavil entering the Galactica with Centurions was so “Vader boarding the Blockade Runner-ish”, I kept expecting Gaius Baltar to be sporting one of those silver streamlined bike helmets like the Rebel troops.

Cavil making the call on the phone to end the war just cracked me up completely. I mean, how did they know how to “patch him through” to the Cylon Colony? Is the phone number listed? Does the Cylon on the other end just trust that it’s really Cavil calling on some old corded analog phone from Galactica? Just thought it was a real WTF moment.

I like how Starbuck says “There must be some kind of way out of here” before she enters the All Along the Watchtower note number coordinates into the FTL computer. Those are actually lyrics from the song… cool.

As far as all of the mystical stuff, I think it was left open enough to interpret as either God or maybe just a more highly evolved entity running the show, hanging out with Head Six and Head Baltar, temporarily resurrecting Starbuck and so on. Maybe this same entity had seeded many worlds with similar, compatible life. Still, though, a lot of holes in the final resolution there, when you really think about evolution – not just biological, but cultural/languages, etc. And, really, all of those starships into the Sun? Just using them for scrap metal and shelter in the least would have made more sense. Oh well, it was a neat image, and the original 70’s fanfare in that scene was nice.

Thought they came very close to breaking the “fourth wall” in that last scene in NYC, with the awkward cameo of producer Ron Moore and Head Six and Head Baltar wandering about on holiday.

Overall, I enjoyed the ending and glad to see that the show didn’t just continue on forever and then fade away without resolution.

So say me, y’all…

– Nigel Matrix

2 Responses to “BSG Finale: Cavil Orders Pizza”

  1. Whew, for a minute there I thought you were going to say that the pizza he ordered came from his own head. With extra cheese. I think that in some ways, his ending on the show was a result of the fact that he finally let go and trusted the messianic vision of Baltar–the only other nutjob who could get through to him–but when his trust was finally betrayed, it destroyed him since it took too long to open up and give. K thinks though, that he was just out of options and had no other recourse; both could be true and that’s why that part was the definitive moment for me, because it was both decisive and ambiguous.

  2. Funny, Stupidfuture… Yeah, Cavil did have a very abrupt ending. Interesting theory about Cavil feeling betrayed, though I felt it was more of the “out of options, no other recourse” choice. I really didn’t think he took Baltar to heart about the messianic stuff. He just saw it as an opportunity to make a deal for resurrection tech. I felt it was probably fortunate that Chief freaked out on Tory and things played out the way they did, since I don’t think Cavil would have kept the peace for long once regaining resurrection. Cavil was too much of a sociopath to really trust anyone at that point. For me, Baltar was always the most ambiguous with his choices, but I do believe his speech to Cavil was genuine and really from that point on he was no longer self-centered and conflicted. But I never really got the feeling that Cavil had that turning point within himself. In the end, it was more like “Man, I’m frakked, and there’s no way I’m going to be captured alive here!” (BLAM!)

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