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Pineapple: Vader’s Other Sad Devotion

Posted by stupidfuture on April 7, 2009

Sith Lord Harshes Detractors of Adequate Nutrition For Cybernetic Organisms

Sith Lord Harshes Detractors of Adequate Nutrition For Cybernetic Organisms

What the heck does Darth Vader eat anyway?  It’s tempting (but mean) to imagine he subsists on a diet of lager and barbequed ewok (with extra ewok sauce).  Anakin never seemed to show much preference, and if you invited him to your wedding, you’d still be stumped until you got the card back.  (“What’s it gonna be, chicken…or steak?  Chicken, or steak?  Come on boy, I can wait all night….”  Maybe, like Dr. Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror, he prefers Meatloaf….) 

Anyways, I always think of that poor Imperial Officer who harshes Vader’s force powers as a “sad devotion” to an “ancient religion”.  Sheesh, everyone’s a critic.  It sort of begs the question, though.  Does Vader have any other sad devotions?  Like Beanie Baby collecting, or maybe backgammon?  (Hey if you’re into those things, cool.  You’re not an evil Sith Lord.  If you were, it would be sad.  You’d have more important things to do, like trying to turn your offspring to the dark side.)

One Response to “Pineapple: Vader’s Other Sad Devotion”

  1. I wonder if Vader still drinks the blue milk he grew up on back on Tattooine? Maybe has it special delivered to his star destroyer. Or they have a blue cow somewhere on board that some poor stormtrooper has to milk for him. I bet Vader has a cool minibar in his little meditation pod (where he is able to take his helmet off).

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