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New Movie Etiquette

Posted by stupidfuture on June 9, 2009


Been to the movies lately?  It’s not so much the $10-$12 admission price, or the $7 popcorn (stuff yer face at home before you come) but the messages about cell phones and PDAs needing to be shut off that’s troubling.  The latest incarnation has this guy trying to get his script produced, and he gets all these phone calls…until the last one, which ruins the whole thing.  Somehow.  And there’s a monkey in it.  Are we supposed to feel bad for this guy?  I’m sure he’d be getting a fair chunk of change to get the rights for his script.  Plus, he’s hanging out with a monkey. 

I agree with the sentiment, there’s enough noise going on in a packed theater without the need for technoscreech as well.  Cell phones have their uses, but the hands-free models that stick in your ear are a little freaky.  They make it look like you’re talking to yourself.  Are you possessed?  Are you a Zombie?  One of the Borg?  Part of a Hive Mind?  Glassy-eyed, straight-ahead staring muttering people brushing past each other in hallways and supermarket aisles…no one can be told what the Matrix is, right?  You have to see it for yourself…I think you already have….

One Response to “New Movie Etiquette”

  1. Yeah, I agree about the freakiness of all the talking-to-themselves people with blue-tooth earpieces. One day last year, I was on a small commuter train going from Newark to NYC, kind of like a subway-style train where everyone sits along the sides or stands. It was pretty crowded, and I honestly believe every single person on that train had an earpiece and seemed to be talking to themselves. There was a woman standing directly in front of me, and she was talking to herself while staring blankly right at me the whole time. I at first thought she was talking to me, but then noticed she was sort of zombified. Between that and stuff like Twitter, our society is definitely heading toward the hive-mind…

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