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NASA Reel Blooper: What Really Happened

Posted by stupidfuture on July 21, 2009

Misapplication Of Engineering Prowess Erases Historic Moonwalk For Sticky Snack

Misapplication Of Engineering Prowess Erases Historic Moonwalk For Sticky Snack

Well, NASA really hasn’t been all that cool for a while.  You know, the Space Shuttles were pretty neat, but most of them are too used up now.  And what was that business a few years back with the Mars probes crashing, vanishing, failing to work, etc?  Enh, nevermind, this takes the cake: NASA recently admitted to erasing the original footage of the moon landing.  You know, because they needed the tape.  Because, you know, I guess they were out of BetaMax.  And they needed one of those big huge reel thingies to tape something with.  Probably Married With Children.  Because that’s important, or something.  You know.  Historically. 

So Hollywood video doctors came to the rescue and digitally restored the lost footage,  apparently adding a lot more detail.  They could have just pulled it from a DVD of original Battlestar Galactica’s “Hand of God” episode.  But you knew that.  Anyway, rest assured, this won’t drive the conspiracy theorists into a frenzy.  People are more rational than that.  Except when it comes to making commercials for Fruit By The Foot (evil stepchild of the original Fruit Roll-Ups).  Those show t(w)eenage boys replacing each other’s body parts with said sticky snack, culminating in a total DNA replacement for the loser.  Hey, that’s pure Sci-Fi (and ever so Soylent Green), and now we know what really happened to the moon landing footage.  Lost in a round of Fruit By The Foot oneupsmanship.

3 Responses to “NASA Reel Blooper: What Really Happened”

  1. Awesome & timely comic, what with the whole 40th Anniversary of the first Moon landing and all dat – yes, the REAL MOON LANDING, as in IT REALLY FREAKING HAPPENED, for all you “Apollo Truthers” or whatever yer calling yourselves these days… I read about the possibility of this video tape erasure having occurred a while back (now since fully admitted to by NASA), and I just cringed thinking how it sucks that the “truthers” will just eat this up and assimilate it into their conspiracy theories.

    I’ve been sucked into the whole Moon landing thing the past couple days – there was a great docu-drama, called Moonshot, on History channel last night about Apollo 11. Decent acting, and it was sort of styled on that “Mad Men” TV series (at least the scenes in stylish 60’s Earth pads of the astronauts and their wives). Learned some new details, like how a felt-tipped pen saved Neil & Buzz from being trapped on the moon forever because of a broken fuse lever.

    But, really, I’m tired of all the conspiracy people online saying it was a hoax. Earlier I saw a video of Whoppi Goldberg on “The View” talking about how she liked that Capricorn One movie, and how the conspiracy theories around the Moon landing were particularly credible-sounding to her or something like that… ugh. Look, if people have questions about why there are no stars in the photos/video, or why the flag looks like it’s waving in the wind, etc., WHY DON’T YOU LOOK IT UP ON THE INTERNET OR IN A BOOK BEFORE YOU COMMIT YOURSELF TO THINKING IT’S A HOAX??? Do a little research before jumping to conclusions. It’s like those people who are still all up in arms about Obama’s birth certificate. I’m just amazed how these memes spread so far and wide…

    Sadly, the last Moon landings, Apollo 16 and 17, were during the year I was born – but I hope at some point during my lifetime there will be another landing either on the Moon or Mars. I did meet Neil Armstrong once back when I was around 9 years old, on a tour of Kennedy Space Center with my Mom. I was a wannabe-astronaut, so it was a huge deal for me – I still have the autographed photo. When I think back on it, I figure it’s kind of rare to have met him since he’s so reclusive. Kind of like meeting someone like Columbus or Magellan when you think about it. Cool.

    Happy Anniversary Apollo 11!

    -Nigel Matrix

  2. Well, ahem. Apparently, Gerry Graf and the advertising team at Saatchi & Saatchi in New York (or at least General Mills, the company who makes Fruit By The Foot) HAS SEEN THIS BLOG!!!!!

    How else could you explain that the latest ad has one of the kids replacing the other’s FUTURE with Fruit By The Foot! The kid turns old, grows a spacesuit and walks through a FbtF landscape!!!

    “I’ve replaced your future with Fruit By The Foot.”

    It is, it is, it is, glorious in its utter pointlessness. Kudos for a Stupid Future we can all relate to.

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