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Who You Gonna Call?

Posted by stupidfuture on November 8, 2009


Mean-Sprited Miser Aided By Paranormal Investigation Squad

Disney’s new adaptation of A Christmas Carol stays pretty faithful to the original Charles Dickens novel.  Makes for some pretty cool special effects, but some slow pacing and set up at the get-go.  You know the story, of course: penny-pincher Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by various ghosts of Christmas something or another, and he ends up changing his ways.  Bill Murray’s 1980’s version, Scrooged, had a bit more life in it, but the new version is in 3D, aided by the rubbery-faced Jim Carey.

Scrooge need not heed the advice of all the supernatural haunts, though.  He might simply have invoked a somewhat different incarnation of Bill Murray–in the form of Dr. Peter Venkman.  Jacob Marley?  Just a Class Five Full-Roaming Vapor.  Real nasty one, too.  Them Ghostbusters can’t be beat, cleanin’ up the Ghost of Christmas Future and his ilk.  Then again, Scrooge might not be willing to pony up the outrageous fees that Stantz, Spengler, and Venkman charge.  Proton charging?  One thousand dollars.   Trapment of Supernatural Entities?  Four thousand dollars.  Getting to sleep without having to face that nagging conscience?  Priceless.

One Response to “Who You Gonna Call?”

  1. Yeah, I think Scrooge would probably cheap out and either find some 2nd-rate ghost-busting outfit, or try constructing his own ghost trap – either way causing some kind of interdimensional meltdown. Would make for a cool alternate ending of the movie in 3D, though…

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