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What caused the apocalypse in “The Road”

Posted by gregchiaramonti on November 30, 2009

A Nanobot “grey goo” attack? No… Nuclear war? No… Ecological disaster? No… It was the dreaded Zhu Zhu Pets. Once they were shown how to drive cars, these small robotic creatures managed to escape their human masters and wage a destructive path across the world. Only Viggo and his son survived, and they spend most of The Road trying to scavenge up the various plastic Zhu Zhu ramps and playsets in an attempt to end the Zhu Zhu rampage. Well, at least that’s what I think it’s probably about…

These Zhu Zhu Pets look pretty lame. Seems like robot toy tech is actually devolving from the days of Elmo, Aibo, and Pleo. Or I guess ten dollar robot hamsters are all we can afford now.

6 Responses to “What caused the apocalypse in “The Road””

  1. Yeah, I agree, it’s like freaky mechanical pet analogs have suffered an economic downturn as well…at least the Zhu Zhus aren’t as frightening as Furby, I guess. Once I saw a dead Furby, it wouldn’t work even with new batteries…something deeply disturbing about that. Anyways, I wonder if there’s a connection between the Zhu Zhu (Zsa Zsa?) pets and the nefarious ‘Hampster Dance’ of teh Intarwebz circa 1996….

  2. it was an asteriod impact…what else could bring a ship 50 miles in land.??

    • shawn said

      that does seem plausible because of the earthquakes, lack of sunlight and cars covered in ash. which would also explain the lack in plant life, which in turned killed off the animals because of the lack of food

  3. There are reports that Canadian retailers are better stocked on Zhu Zhu’s than many U.S. retailers — it might be worth the drive for anyone desperate enough to get one

  4. goddogx said

    the captain of the exxon valdez?

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