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Some things just never end, Buck. (Be-de-be-de.)

Posted by gregchiaramonti on December 3, 2009

Some things just never end, Buck. (Be-de-be-de.)

Welcome to the jungle, Buck. They’ve been talking recently about making a grittier remake of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, but, I don’t know, I’m getting tired of these gritty, dark remakes. I miss the cheesy, futuristic fun of the early 80’s Buck. (And I really miss the perfect bad girl/good girl tag team of Princess Ardala and Col. Deering…). I’ve got the entire series on DVD and occasionally need to relive my wasted youth watching the same Draconian fighter explode in episode after episode, or the same Stargate activate or, hey – didn’t I see that starship on an episode of Battlestar Galactica once? Oh, well – yeah, they did recycle some of the special effects, but it was all in the name of campy sci-fi goodness.

Oh, and sorry to poke fun at Axl Rose – I did actually quite like his Chinese Democracy album, once it was finally released after 15 or so years. Though, I think by that point he should have just called it an Axl Rose solo album, not a Guns’n’Roses one.

If Axl does make it to the 25th Century, maybe he can use that band Andromeda on his Chinese Democracy sequel.

2 Responses to “Some things just never end, Buck. (Be-de-be-de.)”

  1. Totally wrecked my brain dude, I’m glad you put something in between Buck ‘n’ Axl…otherwise, the universe might have imploded. I keep thinking, Buck is ’70s, Axl is 80’s, but then Axl looks older than Buck…Axl now looks older than Gil Gerard in his spandex-wearin’ prime, wait they both wore spandex…for different reasons…irk….

    I like the futuristic keyboard, right out of that episode where Buck asks the DJ to play something more rock and roll, you know, like Three Dog Night…and everyone is dancing with rope lights….and Gary Coleman is playing bass for Axl Rose…aaahhhhh, my brain is wrecked….

    • The Buck Rogers series actually aired from 1979-1981, so I usually think of it as more of an 80s thing, even though it was sort of a transitional time, Disco was still somewhat around, etc. And, in the fictional timeline of the series, Buck actually gets deep-frozen in his space shuttle in 1987 – the year that Axl and Guns’N’Roses started to make it big with Appetite for Destruction… So, who knows – Buck may have been listening to GN’R on his shuttle cassette player.

      Man – forgot about Gary Coleman in that series… now my brain is wrecked, too… ugh…

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