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2112: The Movie (A Canadian Apocalypse)

Posted by stupidfuture on November 20, 2009

Canadian Progressive Rock Musician Ponders Future Apocalypse During Present One

Canadian Rock Musician Ponders Future Apocalypse During Current Apocalypse

Well, if 1999 taught us anything, it was not to panic over a date.  It meant that even when the number of the calendar year does something weird, just forget about it and pretend it didn’t happen.  Because it’s just a number.   Now, there’s a lot of hype regarding 2012, the year of the Mayan Long Calendar change.  Big deal.  Don’t get me wrong, the Mayans were cool…they taught the people on the Galactica to play triad.  But if our current regular calendar–which billions of people use–flipping the thousands column did nothing, why should a calendar that no one has used for centuries make any difference at all? 

Well, it might not make a difference to how the world turns out, but it makes a good stuff-blowing-up movie, what with John Cusack in it and all.  Me, I’d rather see Geddy Lee from the Canadian rock band Rush take on the Preists of the Temples of Syrinx…whoever the heck they are.  Maybe I’m just not getting it, but that song doesn’t make all that much sense, nor does the rest of the 2112 album.  It sounds pretty cool, though.  Hmmm…maybe there’s some kind of Canadian apocalypse in about 100 years…is that what they were trying to tell us?  You bring the touques, I’ll bring the back bacon, eh?

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