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What really happened at Roswell.

Posted by gregchiaramonti on October 23, 2009

What really happened at Roswell: You said we did this for the show?

Okay, I know their fifteen minutes is about up, but I had to comment on the whole balloon boy incident. Yes, I was one amongst the media-saturated masses who was totally sucked into this story. I think the really marvelous Pixar movie Up primed us all for a boy-in-a-balloon story (maybe even gave Mr. Heene fuel for his evil scheme). Glad that the boy was alright (not that he was in any real danger, it being a hoax after all). I do have to say that I am quite disturbed by all media outlets, both right, left, and in-between (well, is there really any news nowadays that isn’t slanted either right or left?) for their incessant replaying of poor Falcon getting sick during two of the interviews. I mean, he’s just a six-year-old. Don’t you think it will be kinda traumatic, or at least annoying, for the kid to grow up being “known” for this? It’s bad enough he will be the “balloon boy”, can’t you cut him some slack? And, hey, I was trying to eat my dinner when you played that clip, too… yechh.

BTW, who the hell is Wolf?

– Nigel Matrix

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A gift from the outgoing President

Posted by gregchiaramonti on February 5, 2009

A gift from the outgoing President.

They Live! A special pair of sunglasses discovered by pro wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper (essentially playing himself as a homeless man in the 1988 movie They Live by John Carpenter) allows him to see the terrifying truth behind who’s really running our government. Skull-faced aliens (hey, maybe they’re related to those Martians from Mars Attacks!) hide amongst us, disguised by a signal transmitted through our TVs. Subliminal messages permeate our media, ordering us to Obey, Consume, Marry and Reproduce – and declaring money to be our God. (Whoa… um, this is actually starting to sound, uh, real or something…).

Wouldn’t it suck to go through all that work to get to the point where you become President, hoping to do all kinds of good things for the country – end wars, fix education and healthcare, etc. – only to find out that everything is being run by skull aliens, or lizard people, or grays, or those dudes from the Hollow Earth. And now you’re on their payroll and you have to keep global warming increasing so the climate becomes more habitable for them. Or you have to keep quiet about that hybrid program (and we’re not talking about cars here…).

Time to chew some bubblegum and kick someā€¦ uh, check out the movie.

– Nigel Matrix

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