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What caused the apocalypse in “The Road”

Posted by gregchiaramonti on November 30, 2009

A Nanobot “grey goo” attack? No… Nuclear war? No… Ecological disaster? No… It was the dreaded Zhu Zhu Pets. Once they were shown how to drive cars, these small robotic creatures managed to escape their human masters and wage a destructive path across the world. Only Viggo and his son survived, and they spend most of The Road trying to scavenge up the various plastic Zhu Zhu ramps and playsets in an attempt to end the Zhu Zhu rampage. Well, at least that’s what I think it’s probably about…

These Zhu Zhu Pets look pretty lame. Seems like robot toy tech is actually devolving from the days of Elmo, Aibo, and Pleo. Or I guess ten dollar robot hamsters are all we can afford now.

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Earth Day PSA with Kevin Costner

Posted by gregchiaramonti on April 22, 2009

Earth Day PSA with Kevin Costner

I’ll have a glass of whatever he’s drinking… On second thought, if I’m on a boat with Kevin Costner’s future fish-man, I’ll pass on that drink. Though I guess they’re drinking that on the Space Station now. And we probably all will be in a few years if the environment continues to degrade and drinking water becomes scarce.

The Costner sci-fi epic Waterworld is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, though. I usually get sucked (appropriate word) into watching it whenever it’s on TV, and have to pull myself away since watching the whole movie feels like losing an entire day. The only part of The Postman I thought was cool (spoilerz) was with Tom Petty appearing as himself, somewhat.

So, please, do your part to recycle and conserve energy, plant trees, etc., so that humankind can continue to live on this planet, without the need for any new Costner epics. Though that jet-ski stunt show at Universal Studios kinda rocked.

Happy Earth Day! (Can you really be happy about a day with such a downer message?)

– Nigel Matrix

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Evolution of the Double Cheeseburger

Posted by gregchiaramonti on January 15, 2009

Evolution of the Double Cheeseburger. A stupidfuture comic by Nigel Matrix.

“Now I am become the Dollar Menu, the destroyer of worlds.” Could the world really end in a giant cheese implosion into another dimension? The world is supposed to end, or possibly transmute into some new “level of being”, on December 21, 2012. Something to do with an ancient Mayan Calendar and an alignment of the Earth, Sun and the horizontal plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. Which isn’t actually going to happen for another 30 million years (and technically, it’s just a visual alignment – has nothing to do with gravity or changing magnetic poles, etc.), but somehow it became part of this whole 2012 mythos. That Roland “Independence Day” Emmerich dude is directing a new movie about it. Didn’t he already do about five other movies with relatively the same plot?. Whateveh…

As for the Mickey D’s stuff, I was inspired by the recent addition of the “McDouble” to the Dollar Menu. The Double Cheeseburger had become a staple of my ultra-healthy diet plan these past few years, but with the economic meltdown (the REAL apocalypse), the Wise Elders of McD-land decided that removing the second slice of cheese would save them a gabillion dollars. Man, it just wasn’t the same – the cheese-beef equilibrium was totally off. But now the original Double Cheeseburger has returned to the new “Snack Menu” for an extra 19 cents. Ah, I will gladly fork over the extra change for this object of gastronomic perfection (my body thanks me).

– Nigel Matrix

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