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Cash For Clunkers: Knight Rider

Posted by stupidfuture on November 7, 2009


American V8 Muscle Car with Onboard AI Provides Generous Tax Incentive

Michael Knight, A Shadowy Figure on a Lone Crusade to buy a new car.  What with those crazy gas prices last year, he probably can’t afford to drive a V8 gas-guzzler…enter the government’s Cash For Clunkers program.  You can trade in your ancient petro-gulping behemouth of a TransAm for some inconsequential little conveyance like a Cooper Mini or Honda Civic Hybrid.  The leather jacket might be a bit of a stretch, then, Mr. Knight.  And please button up your pink shirt just a few more buttons…I can’t stand the sight of all that greying chest hair in that perpetual sunset you always seem to be driving around in.  And if you see those Dukes of Hazzard boys with that bright orange monstrosity of theirs, the General Lee, please send it our way.

BTW, in case you hadn’t noticed, they’re re-making Knight Rider again.  This time it’s supposed to be Michael Knight’s son.  Last time, it was “Team Knight Rider”, with five different AI vehicles, and before that, “Knight Rider 2000”.  You just aren’t going to capture the success of the original show.  And most cars have computers in them now anyways, it’s not such a big deal anymore.  (Still no video-capable wrist watches, though, I’ll give Glenn Larson that much.) It’s the Knight Industries Three Thousand this time, which sounds cool except that KR2K used the Knight Industries Four Thousand.  But “KIFT” sounds dorky, and reminds us of Amy’s boyfriend from Futurama.  No one ever listens to me about how to make a proper sequel, but here goes: resurrect KITT’s twice-kilt brother KARR (the Knight Automated Roving Robot), and let George Takai drive it.  Nuff said.

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Bender At Hogwarts

Posted by stupidfuture on March 19, 2009

Time Travelling Robot Eradicates Magical Messenger Birds

Time Travelling Robot Eradicates Magical Messenger Birds

Owls: useful couriers or scourge of the year 3000?  Well, the Muggles of New New York certainly have no use for them.  It’s a running joke in the background of Futurama that owls have replaced pigeons as the most common avian pest.  Yet they serve the folk at Hogwarts so well in our time, or whatever timeless time it’s supposed to be in Potterland (technically, there are more Weasleys….shouldn’t it be Weasleyland?  A Weasleyverse? Anyway, there’s a lingering sense that the Potterverse takes place in the 70s or 80s, because there’s just not enough body piercings among the student population to make us believe otherwise.)

Bender, the sarcastic, hard-drinking, fun-loving Planet Express delivery crewman, is send back in time to steal all the precious artifacts in history by a bunch of clothing-optional aliens in Bender’s Big Score.  This leads to multiple copies of said droid arriving at a simultaneous point in the future, creating temporal paradox.  So maybe he stopped by Hogwarts in nineteen-whatever to pick up a Hoarcrux or two, and happened to notice the avian pest infestation along the way.  Poor Errol. Poor Hedwig. Poor Fawkes the Pheonix…I wonder how many times he had to respawn before Bender figured it out?  Probably depends on how much Old Fortran Malt Liquor he brought along…or how many times Bender played that classic 1980s arcade shoot-’em up, you know, the one with the fiery birds from outer space….

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