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Brokeback Zardoz

Posted by gregchiaramonti on January 8, 2009

Giant floating stone heads from the future have feelings, too.

Monolithic Stone Entity Contemplates Morality and Post-Apocalyptic Fashion

Zardoz speaks to you! 300 years in the future, a giant stone head floats around the wastelands of humanity, spewing guns and ammo from its mouth and ordering Brutals like Zed to “go forth and kill”. Though even the mighty Zardoz is not infallible, and being forced to watch Sean Connery (yes THE Sean Connery, as in James Bond 007) run around in his safety-orange skivvies for two hours may prove too much for anyone or thing to handle. Zardoz has one THING he considers to be EVIL above all else… this being a family website, you’ll have to google/youtube it for yourself…

– Nigel Matrix

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