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Galactica 1994

Posted by stupidfuture on January 5, 2009

Disenfranched Gen-Xers blase about alien robot destruction

Disenfranched Gen-Xers blase about alien robot destruction

Reviled, Loathed, Disparaged…yet Battlestar Galactica 1980 still lingers in the collective sci-fi consciousness.  It had none of the charm or elan of its more noteworthy predecessor.  No Apollo, no Starbuck (well, except for that one last episode), no Athena, no Daggits (Dag.)  And Adama had a beard!  At least Boomer got promoted (and not turned into a cylon, sheesh).  Most people forget that the Wolfman Jack episode was actually pretty cool, and hey, they almost destroy a cylon centurian with a microwave!  Pretty err, well…stupid, in a cool way.  But seriously, how can you top flying motorcycles and invisibility watches?

But who cares about 1980?  Nothing much interesting happened then in retrospect.  It wasn’t 1985, or 1977, or some other eventful year.  So why not a better year?  Why not 1994, when coffee became a national obsession, everyone was bummed out about Kurt Cobain, and dismal Grunge bands roamed the earth in flannel.  What if they cylons landed then, huh?  They might have met Alice in Chains instead of Wolfman Jack.  And nobody would have cared all that much.


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