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Life After Intergalactic Conquest

Posted by stupidfuture on January 5, 2009

ExWould Be Galactic Conqueror Gives Awesome Creme Rinse

ExWould Be Galactic Conqueror Gives Awesome Creme Rinse

Kimmmmmeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Who can forget the plaintive cry of the man-as-boy, Dexter, aka Space Ace, after being turned into a goobery kid by the Infanto Ray of evil galactic conqueror, Borf?  The awesome animation skill of Don Bluth and company made this and its companion game Dragon’s Lair truly a sight to see, even if the gameplay consisted of hitting the joystick at exactly the right moment…or sudden death!  And Borf…well, certainly a memorable bad guy…although if you try to imagine both Borf and the Genie from Disney’s Aladdin at the same time, you can’t….err, well, I think Borf had slightly more neck fat….

But let’s think about it.  Yeah, he’s got robots and spaceships, and good taste in redheads.  But his crowning achievement, his ultimate weapon…is a raygun that makes you younger?  The dude totally missed his calling.  He could have made a killing opening a Beauty Salon in New York.


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