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Posted by stupidfuture on January 2, 2009

Proud New Cannon Fodder Joins Elite Death Squad

Proud New Cannon Fodder Joins Elite Death Squad

We all lovingly remember that arcade classic, Xevious–right?  It’s on the short list of games, and well all things, really–beginning with the letter “X”.  Classic top scroller with adaptive difficulty.  But the cool thing was the list of names and enemy descriptions that were found on the game cabinet.  Gido Sparro, Andor Genesis, Domogram…and of course ZoshiZoshi were supposed to be the elite Death Squad of the enemy, come to destroy your Solvalou fighter.  But in reality, they could be taken out with one shot and made the same tinkling-glass noise as any other airborne bad guy in the  game.   And let’s face it…their ships were kind of dorky.  Kinda makes you feel bad for them….


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