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Mario Got So Ate.

Posted by stupidfuture on November 7, 2009


Brooklyn Plumber Siblings' Misadventures End in Tragedy

Millions.  Millions of Dead Marios.  The societal cost of our collective ineptitude at Nintendo’s innovative classic platform games.  Forget the millions of unsold E.T. cartidges that Atari crushed and buried in the desert.  The real cost of our gaming addiction is in plumbers.  Mercifully, because you alternate turns, Luigi does not usually witness the fate of his hapless sibling.

Not so with Skids and Mudflap, two of the autobots in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  As the updated (and kinda weird) decepticon Devastator starts ripping through a pyramid trying to find an ancient device that pulls energon from the sun, it starts sucking in everything around it.  Mudflap gets pulled into its maw, causing Skids to lament, “He did.  He got so ate.  He got all ate up.”  Seconds later, Mudflap escapes unharmed, unlike poor Mario.  Crazy thing?  Mudflap and Mario are Red.  Skids and Luigi are green.  You’d think siblings would look more alike.

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More Than Meets the Eye-conomy: Autobots to Receive Gov’t Bailout

Posted by gregchiaramonti on April 15, 2009

More Than Meets the Eye-conomy: Autobots to Receive Gov't Bailout

It’s the economy, stupid, uh, future. So I’m guessing Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen will be another totally awesome, robot-battling, high-speed-chasing, more-explosions-than-ever-in-the-history-of-cinema car commercial for General Motors. Um, which will be pretty ironic at this point. With GM possibly bankrupt by the time the movie comes out, Revenge of the Fallen will take on a new meaning. Maybe the Autobots can help revive the fallen auto industry. They just need to start finding more Green forms of vehicles to transform into, to help with Global Warming and creating new Green jobs. How about transforming into mass transit, like buses, trains or trolleys? Or bicycles? Maybe a solar-powered land glider? I think the Chevy Volt electric car is supposed to make an appearance in the movie, though I heard that car may cost like 40K, so not sure how that’s really going to help revive the auto industry. Hey, you know what would be really cool – a transforming Segway! Okay, maybe not cool, but, well, interesting. Or not.

– Nigel Matrix

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